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Development Alliances

The University is committed to the disclosure and transference of knowledge to the economic public and private sectors, and to organizations requiring this input in order to improve or even renew their products thus offering more competitive services.

The University-Enterprise-Government Committee is an interfaced group consisting of businessmen, university students and Government representatives. Since 2003 it promotes, stimulates and articulates the relationship between the productive sector and universities. The Committee also incubates and boosts applied research projects, and promotes policies for the social appropriation of knowledge in favor of regional and national development. As part of this mission, the institution establishes working agreements with major companies in the country causing successful experiences regarding technological and productive transformations.

Along with the various local authorities, the Universidad de Antioquia carries out a big effort to outreach to society, thence taking part in processes aimed at strengthening territorial and national public policies, improving previous educational levels in the region, and developing an entrepreneurial culture by means of the Entrepreneurship Park, an initiative that supports the development of ideas and business projects in association with the Municipality of Medellín.

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