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The First Fall School of Corpus and Computational Linguistics

The First Fall School of Corpus and Computational Linguistics


In 2016, the Colombian Association for Corpus and Computational Linguistics was created with the purpose of organizing researchers, share knowledge and experience and educate the emerging generation. The Colloquium was held at the University of Valle in Cali, Colombia. The event gathered more than 40 participants willing to work or working on the topic. One of the conclusions of the event was that education from the computational and linguistic sides must be a very key factor to carry out a more comprehensive research in Colombia (Engineers should learn more about Language and Linguistics and Linguists must learn more about programming and statistics). Also, co-joint work among Engineers and Linguists must be another key factor. As there is no a sound amount of Corpus and Computational Linguistics researchers and academics in Colombia, we think it is important to establish a Fall School on the topic biannually to create the academic conditions in terms of human resources to create new groups, researchers in the near future. The Fall School will focus on BA and MA students willing to work on the topic from the basis to intermediate topics with researchers from Bogotá and Medellín, specially.

The TNT Group with the sponsorship of NAACL (NAACL Emerging Regions Fund) will offer The First Fall School of Corpus and Computational Linguistics in Colombia. Students from different regions of Colombia are welcome to the event.
The TNT Group will offer between 6 to 8 student grants in the name of NAACL to participate in the Fall School. Students must be from different regions of Colombia not from Antioquia. Participant from Antioquia are welcome on their own resources. School fees are free of charge for the 20 participants.

Dates: December 12, 13, and 14, 2017.
Venue: University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia
Application: The application process for the 2017 fall school is now open. Please, write to Dr. Quiroz <> to apply. (The application process closes on December 4, 2017 or when a maximum number of registrations is reached.)

N.B. Since the places and scholarships in the fall school are limited to 20 participants (only 6 to 8 scholarships are granted), we strongly recommend applying early. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.
The Fall School is free to attend to all participants; The TNT group and NAACL will support partly participants out of Antioquia with travel or accommodation expenses.

Organising commitee: Dr. Gabriel Quiroz (Chair), Dr. Pedro Patiño, Dr. Juan Manuel Sanchez, Dr. Diego Burgos, Dr. Jorge Molina, M.A., B.Eng. Antonio Tamayo.

Any queries can be directed to the Fall School Coordinator, Dr. Gabriel Quiroz (

About the Fall School

University of Antioquia is pleased to offer The First Fall School of Corpus and Computational Linguistics with the support of the NAACL Emerging Regions Fund from the NAACL. This free training event will cover the techniques of corpus linguistics, computational analysis of language. The Fall school will include both lectures and practical sessions. The Fall school will be taught by leading Colombian experts in NLP y corpus linguistics both from the University of Antioquia and other Colombian institutions.

The Fall school are mainly intended for last year B.A. and M.A. students from linguistics and Computer Science but applications from postdoctoral researchers, senior researchers, and others will also be considered.



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