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Publicado 7/4/2015


International Affairs Office

The International Affairs Office at Universidad de Antioquia is one of the University’s key vehicles of internationalization. It aims to promote international collaboration through a broad and innovative portfolio of academic, research, and cultural activities, while contributing to the delivery of the University’s enhancement priorities for teaching and learning.

Our mission

The International Affairs Office works to make the UdeA a more global university. It is responsible for promoting and strengthening relations with other institutions worldwide in an effort to fulfill the University’s core mission of fostering research, teaching, and outreach through comprehensive internationalization strategies in line with an increasingly globalized world and the University’s guiding principles.

Our vision

The International Affairs Office aims to strengthen the University’s academic reputation nationally and internationally while enhancing a vibrant international community and reinforcing its outreach. It is also responsible for ensuring the capacity of the University to fulfill its mission through academic and research programs of international distinction.

Specifically, the International Affairs Office has the following objectives:

  • Maintaining the University's reputation as an international institution for education and research through collaborative partnerships with other institutions abroad. 
  • Promoting research, teaching and outreach activities at the international level.
  • Identifying sources of funding to support research, outreach, and academic programs.
  • Promoting deeper, sustained international engagement.
  • Promoting the study of international relations as an academic discipline.
  • Fostering collaborative partnerships with international institutions to support research, collaboration and faculty/staff exchange programs.
  • Promoting undergraduate and graduate study abroad programs.
  • Taking action to strengthen accreditation and approval of the various programs and degree options offered by the University. 
  • Taking action to improve international relations and promote cooperation agreements.

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