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    miércoles, 28 de julio 2021

    Institute of Medical research

    School of Medicine

    Institute of Medical research

    Posted Oct 17, 2019


    At the Institute of Medical Research, we work to achieve our vision by committing ourselves to the fulfillment of our mission and by following our corporate values and institutional regulation.


    The Institute of Medical Research (IIM, by its Spanish initials), is the department of the School of Medicine of Universidad de Antioquia responsible for fostering, promoting, and academic and technical managing of research. Research policies of the School will be proposed by the IIM according to typical situations of scientific development and its relationship with different contexts. The IIM is committed to being efficient in all processes, providing personalized care, truthful and timely information, reliable results, and continuously improved services. The IIM seeks to go beyond the creation, transformation, and adaptation of knowledge in order to improve the quality of life in the region and the country.


    Over the next five years, the IIM will be recognized nationally and internationally as a transformative institution leading the next generation of health knowledge. The IIM will be based on the highest ethical and human values; academic, technical, and administrative quality of its staff; as well as on an information system that is efficient, updated, and in complete agreement with our mission. The IIM will certify its quality management system and ensure its continuance and continuous improvement. This will be the base and tool ensuring the needs of people who come to it are met.


    • To propose research policies of the School of Medicine to the School Council.
    • To advise the School Council on decision-making in research.
    • To strengthen relations among groups at institutional, national, and international contexts; aiming at the improvement of research capacity by supporting exchanges, internships, teamwork, signing of agreements, among others.
    • To support the creation and consolidation of new research groups. These must be targeted toward critical areas at scientific, technological, and social fields by training both research students and faculty members.
    • To tend to incorporate research into undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as the development of new master's and doctorate degrees.
    • To keep and improve the performance and recognition level of IIM within the University, among current and potential users, and at national and international spheres.
    • To manage research activities in accordance with established terms and corresponding regulations.
    • To improve locative infrastructure of teams and services supporting research work.

    Core values


    The fundamental principle of each member of IIM is the total, honest, and timely fulfilment of obligations.


    We respect and appreciate our employees, their opinions, and their work. We honor and value people and society. We provide equal opportunities for our staff and suppliers.


    We are persistent and competent to fulfill our commitments.


    We are committed to recognizing and meeting the demands of the staff requesting our services. We will strive to exceed their expectations and anticipate possible problems in order to find satisfactory and efficient solutions.


    We strive to minimize mistakes in meeting quality requirements. We always do our job by giving our best and seeking simple and effective solutions.


    We combine efficacy and efficiency to ensure added value processes allowing resource optimization, profitability, and high quality services at a minimum cost. We constantly look for the greatest effectiveness in carrying out our commitments.


    We can systematically maintain advantages that allow us to achieve, keep, and improve our position in the environment.



    Nombre del grupo Coordinador Gruplac Correo electrónico

    Alergología Clínica y Experimental, Gace

    Ricardo Cardona Villa http://bit.ly/2vfiTXB grupoalergologia@udea.edu.co 

    Biología Celular y Molecular CIB, UdeA,  U. del Rosario Juan 

    Guillermo McEwen Ochoa http://bit.ly/2tWdz7f mcewen@une.net.co

    Centro de Investigación Dermatología, Ciderm

    Margarita Maria Velásquez Lopera http://bit.ly/2vq4kAX



    Grupo de Investigación en Cirugía Plástica Alfredo  Patrón Gómez http://bit.ly/2hl5Gqu alfredo.patron@udea.edu.co

    Genética Médica

    Gonzalo de Jesús Vásquez Palacio  http://bit.ly/2hkD8NI gonzalo.vasquez@udea.edu.co

    Grupo Académico de Epidemiología  Clínica, Graepic

    Hector Iván García García

    Tel: 2196044



    Grupo Bacterias & Cáncer

    Alonso Martínez

    Tel: 2196050



    Grupo Biología Clínica Juan Carlos Arango Viana http://bit.ly/2w2j31L jcarlos.arango@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Ingenieria de Tejidos y Terapias Celulares

    Luz Marina Restrepo Múnera http://bit.ly/2hjZ63s grupoingenieriadetejidos@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Investigación  Clínica en Enfermedades del Niño y del Adolecente - Pediaciencias

    José William Cornejo Ochoa​ http://bit.ly/2tWfaKi


    Grupo de Investigación

    Dermatologica, GRID

    Gloria Sanclemente Mesa http://bit.ly/2vfvFVS sanclementegloria@gmail.com

    Grupo de Investigación EduSalud

    Olga Francisca Salazar Blanco

    Tel: 2196071

    http://bit.ly/2tWwaAc grupoedusalud@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Investigación   en Fisiología y Bioquímica - Physis

    Juan Camilo Calderón Velez

    Tel: 2196035

    http://bit.ly/2f5eFuU jcalderonv00@yahoo.com

    Grupo de Investigación en

    Medicina Aplicada a la Actividad Física y el Deporte Grinmade

    Jaime Alberto Gallo Villegas http://bit.ly/2uS98gJ jagallo2000@yahoo.com

    Grupo de Investigación en Psiquiatría, Gipsi

    Carlos Alberto López Jaramillo

    Tel: 2192503

    http://bit.ly/2vkh3Ee carloslopezjaramillo@gmail.com
    Grupo de Investigación en Violencia Urbana

    Carlos Alberto Giraldo Giraldo

    Tel: 2196044

    http://bit.ly/2vfGYNU cagiraldo@une.net.co 

    Grupo de medicina molecular y de traslación 

    Juan Carlos Gallego Gómez http://bit.ly/2vfclIi grupomedicinadetranslacion@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Neuropsicología  y Conducta 

    Carlos Andrés Tobón Quintero

    Tel: 2196900




    Grupo de Investigación en Farmacología y Toxicología, Infarto

    Jefferson Antonio Buendía Rodríguez http://bit.ly/2f5gKqQ jefferson.buendia@udea.edu.co

    Grupo Informed

    Santiago Patiño Giraldo ​ http://bit.ly/2u13aeE santiago.patino@udea.edu.co

    Grupo para el estudio de las Enfermedades Cardiovasculares

    Juan Manuel Senior Sánchez http://bit.ly/2vpRKBK mmbt@une.net.co

    Grupo Respuesta Social en Salud

    Ysabel Polanco López De Mesa

    Tel: 2196040

    http://bit.ly/2uglFXZ ysabelpoldem@gmail.com

    Mapeo Genético 

    Nicolás Guillermo Pineda Trujillo http://bit.ly/2vka2U6



    Salud y comunidad

    Jaime Carmona Fonseca http://bit.ly/2tW0Y4k gruposaludycomunidad@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Investigación en Trombosis

    Luis Ignacio Tobón Acosta

    Tel: 2196476 2192448

    Grupo de Reumatología, GRUA Luis Alonso González Naranjo http://bit.ly/2vk2H6U lagnvvn68@gmail.com

    NACER, salud sexual     y reproductiva

    Gladis Adriana Vélez Álvarez

    Tel: 2195400

    http://bit.ly/2ugTJTP centronacer@udea.edu.co 
    Grupo de Entomología Médica Guillermo León Rúa Uribe http://bit.ly/2wilqgv guillermo.rua@udea.edu.co

    Trauma y Cirugía

    Álvaro Enrique Sanabria Quiroga http://bit.ly/2w2VnKC alvaro.sanabria@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Anestesia

    Olga Lucía Giraldo Salazar


    Grupo de investigación en enfermedades neuromusculares

    Juan Marcos Solano Atehortúa   juan.solano@udea.edu.co
    Grupo de Investigación en vértigo y trastornos del equilibrio José Mario Jalil Hincapié   jose.jalil@udea.edu.co


    Carlos Alberto Mejía Giraldo   carlos.mejia1@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Gastrohepatología 

    María Cristina Navas Navas

    Tel: 2196573




    Grupo de Inmunología Celular e Inmunogenética 

    Gloria María Vásquez Duque

    Tel: 2196446

    http://bit.ly/2uVqqbf glomavas@gmail.com

    Grupo de Investigacíon de Problemas en Enfermedades Infecciosas, GRIPE

    Omar Vesga Meneses http://bit.ly/2u12p5r omar.vesga@udea.edu.co

    Grupo de Neurociencias de Antioquia

    Francisco Javier Lopera Restrepo http://bit.ly/2rZeRAM



    Grupo de Reproducción 

    Angela Patricia Cadavid Jaramillo

    Tel: 2196476 2196477

    http://bit.ly/2wirAwU angela.cadavid@udea.edu.co

    Grupo Malaria 


    Alberto Tobón Castaño  http://bit.ly/2tWiNQK grupomalaria@udea.edu.co
    Inmunodeficiencias Primarias 

    José Luis Franco Restrepo

    Tel: 2196472

    http://bit.ly/2ugTZSH jose.franco@udea.edu.co


    María Teresa Rugeles López  

    Tel: 2196482

    http://bit.ly/2u1pMM7 maria.rugeles@udea.edu.co

    Programa de estudio y control de las enfermedades tropicales, Pecet

    Iván Darío Vélez Bernal http://bit.ly/2w2OuZU ivan.velez@udea.edu.co

    Rehabilitación en salud

    Luz Helena Lugo Agudelo

    Tel: 2196475 2196478



    Grupo de Infección y Cáncer 

    Gloria Inés Sánchez Vásquez http://bit.ly/2uSgGjC gloria.sanchez@udea.edu.co
    Grupo de Parasitologia Jorge Humberto  Botero Garcés http://bit.ly/2uhij70 jorge.botero@udea.edu.co


    José Robinson Ramírez Pineda

    Tel: 2192320


    http://bit.ly/2w2Vc1W jrobinson.ramirez@udea.edu.co 
    Grupo Endocrinología y Metabolismo, GEM Clara María Arango Toro   cmaria.arango@udea.edu.co
    Grupo de investigacion Sinapsis Carlos Mario Jiménez Yepes   carmajimenez@gmail.com
    Grupo de Investigación Oftalmología para el siglo XXI Miguel Cuevas Pelaez   miguel.cuevas@udea.edu.co
    Patología Renal y de Trasplantes PRYT Luis Fernando Arias Restrepo   fernando.arias@udea.edu.co 
    Grupo Investigación del Tejido Conectivo, Gitco Sandra Patricia Mejía Delgado   sandra.mejia@udea.edu.co

    Grupo Neuroendotelio y Enfermedad Cerebrovascular

    Alfonso Córdoba Porras   alfonso.cordoba@udea.edu.co
    Grupo de genética molecular Genmol Gabriel de Jesús Berrío Bedoya http://bit.ly/2ugAGsQ grupogenmol@udea.edu.co

    Genética y Bioquímica de Microorganismos,Gebiomic  

    Mauricio Corredor Rodríguez http://bit.ly/2vqcOHY mauricio.corredor@udea.edu.co

    Micologia Medica

    Myrtha Arango Arteaga         

    http://bit.ly/2wiwiLm delpilar.jimenez@udea.edu.co myrthaarango@yahoo.com
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