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jueves, 8 de junio 2023
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Multilingualism at UdeA

When we bet on multilingualism, we believe it is vital to have the vision of languages as vehicles and not as simple objects.

The Foreign Language Instruction Program (abbreviated PIFLE in Spanish) develops the promotion of multilingualism as a strategy to create a culture of linguistic diversity at the university. It also supports the design and operation of strategies, as well as cultural and academic events in the different programs, favoring a permanent encounter with different languages and cultures among the academic community.

To promote the culture of multilingualism, we develop various weekly activities such as the following:

Intercultural Friday, a weekly event that gathers four events per month

Movie Forum in English: It promotes not only the listening to the English language, through films, but also focuses on a precise cultural content. The purpose is clear: to go to the core of language, from the emergence of new words, still present in the language.

Open Lecture Class of Traductology: It is a lecture coordinated by the Research Group of Translation Studies, which promotes academic dialogue around translation practice and research.

Encounter with Reading: It broadens cultural enrichment through readings of literary works in different languages. Professors, other professionals, and students work to generate an intercultural dialogue around literature.

Entre Caminos - Academic Meetings: The fourth event of the month includes lectures, papers, panels, and presentations of academic works in different languages carried out by professors and other professionals, mainly. It encourages both learning, through contents, and language practice.

French-Speaking Monday: It promotes the improvement of listening, speaking, and writing skills in the French language and seeks to start conversations and readings around French-speaking authors.


Partnerships for the promotion of multilingualism with the university's academic units

In partnership with the Carlos Gaviria Díaz Central Library, we develop the following events:

Reading Aloud: It contributes to the accuracy in the reading of a literary work by professors and students, mainly from the Foreign Language Education and the Translation programs of the university. At the end of this activity, professors usually propose a reading comprehension test to reinforce, in a certain way, the understanding of the text. Without a doubt, reading and understanding are the core of this is academic activity.

Conversation Club in English: It contributes to the improvement of both speaking and listening skills, engaging the moderator and attendees in a conversation of common interest.

Diary of a Traveler: This activity is offered twice per semester and in different hours to reach a broader audience. It consists in the account in English of a trip abroad, and it is in charge of professors or students. Some multimedia equipment is used to ensure a good number of attendees.


TAXI radio program

It is broadcasted on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on 1.410 AM and Sundays at 9:30 a.m. on 101.9 FM through Universidad de Antioquia Cultural Radio Station for Medellín and the Antioquia regions.

TAXI was born thanks to the idea of getting into a taxi and talking during a tour where cultures and languages meet as a significant and inviting experience. Broadcasts take place in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, ancestral languages, and also Spanish, a language that serves as a link and connection between the aforementioned. The radio program introduces professionals, events, and academic products from all over the world.


Contact information

Luca Tommaso Catullo MacIntyre 

Multilingualism and PIFLE Coordinator

Location: Block 11, office 104, main campus

E-mail: plurilinguismo@udea.edu.co

Telephone number: +57 4 219 5783

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