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jueves, 7 de diciembre 2023



Ibero-LatinAmerican Satellite Cochrane Skin Group


The Cochrane Skin Group is one of  the 53 collaborating groups of the Global Network of the Cochrane Collaboration. The CSG central objective is the collection of the best evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of interventions used in the treatment of dermatological patients.

The first CSG Satellite Group was formally registered in France in March 2012, and since that time it has been based at the Henri Mondor University Hospital.

Despite the relevance of the work carried out  by the French Satellite Group, another Satellite Group that could integrate the Spanish speaking scientific dermatological community, was needed. Therefore, and in response to this need, the Ibero-LatinAmerican Satellite CSG was  formally created in July 2018. The IberoLatinAmerican Satellite CSG was formally created in Medellin, Colombia in July 2018, and is also one of the collaboration networks of the Group of Investigative Dermatology (GRID) of the Universidad de Antioquia.

What we do

In the near future we plan to produce skin-related systematic reviews of evidence  focused on:

  • Bacterial, fungal and viral skin infections
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Leprosy and other mycobacterial skin diseases
  • Diagnostic tests methodology and Systematic Reviews (SR)/Metanalysis 
  • Economic analysis Systematic Reviews/Metanalysis. (High cost treatments for Latin-American patients with skin cancer, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and hidradenitis suppurativa)
  • Network Metanalysis (In collaboration with the French Satellite CSG)

We are collaborating in the production and updating of priority CSG titles such as:

  • Interventions for pruritus of unknown cause (In collaboration with Cochrane Argentina - Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano. (Protocol published last Sept 2018)

We have supported the methods of Cochrane Skin reviews throughout the Spanish speaking countries as follows:

  • Participation in Protocol´s design and development courses at meetings of the Ibero-LatinAmerican Cochrane Network (2017)
  • Spanish-language trials searches and publication´s retrieval.

We will also help to prioritise reviews which are relevant to Spanish speaking countries in the next round of the Cochrane´s prioritization project in 2020.

We promote Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) in the Spanish-speaking dermatological community  through courses/projects such as:

  • Through a Diplomat course in Evidence-Based Dermatology  (Year 2017)
  • The design and execution of the project entitled “Economic and  sociodemographic characterization of patients with Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Melasma, Urticaria, Female Pattern Androgenetic alopecia, and Acne. (Colombia – CILAD)
  • The design and execution of the project entitled “Integration of health information and communication technologies in dermatology to promote patient-centered healthcare    (Colombia – CILAD


Satellite Group offices are provided by the Universidad de Antioquia at its School of Medicine.


  • Cochrane Colombia
  • The IberoAmerican Cochrane Center (Barcelona, Spain)
  • The Colombian Association of Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery
  • Colegio Iberolatinoamericano de Dermatologia (CILAD)
  • The group also plans to work with all interested Dermatology Scientific Societies from Latin-American countries.
  • The Colombian Allergists Society
  • Group of Investigative Dermatology (GRID), Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

Staff Members

Gloria Sanclemente, MD, MSc, PhD
Group Director, Dermatologist and Clinical Epidemiologist, based in Medellin, Colombia at the Universidad de Antioquia.
Alejandro Mancilla, MD, MSc
Group Co-Director, Dermatologist and Clinical Epidemiologist, based in Medellin, Colombia at the Universidad de Antioquia.
Camilo Aguirre, BSc, MSc, PhD
Statistician and Epidemiologist, based in Medellin, Colombia at the Universidad de Antioquia.
Paola Ramírez, BSc.
Librarian. Information Specialist/Spanish Trial Search Coordinator, based in Medellin, Colombia at the Universidad de Antioquia.
Natalia Hernandez, MD, MSc.
Dermatologist, MSc in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain,;based in Bogota, Colombia.
Juan Jose Yepes Núñez, MD, MSc, PhD.
Allergologist, MSc in Clinical Epidemioly, PhD in Clinical Epidemiology, Mc Master University, Canada, based in Bogota at Universidad de Los Andes, Medellin, Colombia.
Sandra Muvdi, MD, MSc.
Dermatologist, Clinical Epidemiologist, based in Bogota, Colombia at Centro Dermatológico Federico Lleras Acosta.
Evelyne Halpert, MD, MSc, PhD.
Dermatologist, Clinical Epidemiologist, based in Bogotá, Colombia at Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá.
Gladys Leon, MD, MSc.
Director of the Clinical and Epidemiological Research Unit for Health Services, Guerrero, Mexico.
Julio Roberto Amador, MD, MSc.
Dermatologist, Clinical Epidemiologist, based in Bogota, Colombia. Universidad Militar.
Leisa Molinari, MD, MSc
Dermatologist, MSc in Health Technology Assessment,  based in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Juan Jorge Manriquez, MD, MSc, PhD candidate.
Dermatologist, PhD Candidate in Translational Medicine at Universidad de Barcelona, Spain,  based in Chile at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
Laura Charry, MD, MSc.
Dermatologist, Clinical Epidemiologist, Hospital Universitario San Ignacio, Bogotá, Colombia.
Mónica Paola Novoa, MD.
Paediatric Dermatologist, based in Bogota, Colombia at Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud and Hospital San José
Daniela Chaparro, MD.
Dermatology Resident, Clinical Epidemiologist, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia.
Natalia Mendoza, MD, MSc.
Dermatologist, Clinical Epidemiologist, based in Norfolk, Virginia, United States at Pariser Dermatology Specialists.
Lili Rueda



Gloria Sanclemente
Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

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