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jueves, 21 de septiembre 2023

About the Group



Physiology and Biochemistry Research Group - PHYSIS
Colciencias code COL0007328 
Category A1    
Founded in September 1995 (originally as Exercise Physiology Group)


PHYSIS Group was first born in 1995 as the Group of Exercise Physiology of the University of Antioquia, under the direction of Dr. Hilda Norha Jaramillo. Between 1995 and 2009 the group gained the recognition by the governmental institution Colciencias, graduated 6 MSc and published more than a hundred papers and abstracts in journals and meetings in Colombia, Latin America and Europe, dealing with characteristics of elite athletes in Colombia and the effect of the hydration status on performance and some physiological variables. A work presented by the group in the 2003 meeting of the Colombian Association of Biological sciences in Colombia earned the first place in research. Since 2011, the group moved to areas of cellular and applied physiological research, under the direction of Dr. Juan Calderón, and received new researchers with new ideas and experience in the use of different experimental techniques. During this new era, the group has published several papers in some of the top research journals in the area and has participated in world-class meetings in different countries. Due to the recent changes, the name was modified to Group of Physiology and Biochemistry Research-PHYSIS. Since then, the Group established a research laboratory and accepted several postgraduate students to carry out their Master or Doctoral studies.Colciencias classified it as category A at the beginning of 2015, and the end of the same yearit was awardedby Colfisis the recognition for the Best research work presented during the V Colombian Physiology Meeting. The Group aims now at producing top knowledge in several interrelated areas of physiology, biochemistry and biophysics in collaboration with researchers from other groups in Colombia and abroad, and increase our social impact.

Main goal

To generate and apply knowledge on normal and abnormal responses and mechanisms related to striated muscle, exercise, cardiovascular, renal and sleep function.

Other goals

-To strengthen teaching in the area of physiology and biochemistry in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
-To enroll students in research projects.
-To understand the mechanisms of Ca2+ release and reuptake in striated muscle
-To generate and divulgate knowledge on exercise physiology to help others to prescribe and control physical activity and training programs.
-To study exercise physiology mechanisms in equines.
-To generate an index and methodology to early diagnose pre-eclampsia.
-To strengthen links with other groups working in the field around the world.


We are a research group committed to academic excellence and high productivity in the field of physiology and biochemistry. We are devoted to produce and divulgate knowledge on basic and applied sciences with scientific and social pertinence.


We will be a reference group in the field in Colombia and one of the top groups in the world, with publications and developments of high scientific and social impact, which favors the growth of the fields, the region and the country.


Academic excellence, creativity, commitment, responsibility


-To publish our results in category A journals according to the Colciencias classification, taking into account the relevance of the journals to the scientific community in our field.
-To participate in the most important national and international scientific meetings in the field.
-To enroll new undergraduate and postgraduate students
-To establish links with other institutions and researchers around the globe
-To obtain financial support for our scientific ideas

Experimental techniques used in the Lab

-Fluorescence microscopy
-Cellular electrophysiology
-Magnetic resonance spectroscopy
-Vascular reactivity


Datos de contacto

   Group of Physiology and Biochemistry Research-PHYSIS
Dependencia: Facultad de Medicina
   Juan Camilo Calderón
  (57+4) 219 60 35
  jcalderonv00@yahoo.com, andresmilan6@gmail.com, andres.milan@udea.edu.co
 Facultad de Medicina, oficina 217. Departamento de Fisiología y Bioquímica/Faculty of Medicine, office 203. Department of Physiology and Biochemistry. Medellín. Colombia.




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