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    viernes, 23 de julio 2021

    Student welfare

    School of Medicine

    Student welfare

    Posted Oct 17, 2019

    From the Well-being in the Faculty, and aware that the whole person is involved in any educational activity, it is necessary to value those activities, apparently simple, but that strengthen the individual in their sensitivity and capacity for constant reflection in the face of attitudes and motivations. To achieve this, different artistic and cultural expressions created at the initiative of teachers and students have been promoted.

    In the same direction, the creation and appropriation of physical spaces such as corridors, the main hall, gardens and any place where you can interact with the other has been facilitated, with activities such as dialogues of knowledge, exhibitions, concerts, dances and works theatrical. All these, pretexts to strengthen cultural and social constructions, and values ​​(respect, trust, recognition of the other) and to enliven the sensitivity of the members of a community that includes all its levels, without distinction of academic or work ties.

    The call for the members of this community is to remember and renew the essence of the health professions, which is nothing other than knowledge with humanism placed at the command of those who require it, because only then does knowledge and its application through science and technology. The knowledge to transform, so that the society, to which we owe ourselves, is better and better.

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