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miércoles, 31 de mayo 2023





General Information English Version

Spanish-language Immersion Course

How about a virtual tour around Colombia?

Let's check your travel plans with a free online session of a Spanish course.🤩

✈ Join us on March 23th, 9:00 -10:00 a.m (COT) to learn more about Colombia, its cuisine, music, and traditions, in the second most spoken language in the world. 

👉🏻 Click here: http://bit.ly/3ZLeUgb

Welcome to the UdeA Spanish-language Immersion Course, a customized course designed for you to learn, live, and experience Spanish through Colombian culture, traditions, and reality.

The course we have designed for you is divided into six major stops or thematic axes that will be powered by classes with a Colombian teacher and experiences in cuisine, dance, culture, and lots of Colombian tastes and rhythms.

The most amazing journey its about to begin

We are happy to have you with us at Universidad de Antioquia. We hope that this experience will provide you with new knowledge and skills to apply both to your life and your Spanish communicative proficiency.

Here are some details on the course's methodology and assessment

Our methodology is divided into four main areas or stages:

1. Spanish-language classes with an experienced teacher.
2. Practical experiences to discover cuisine, art, literature, and much more.
3. Complementary and further learning exercises in a virtual scenario organized in stops, adventures, and challenges.
4. Tutoring sessions to resolve doubts or delve deeper into topics of interest.

Dare to live this adventure to the fullest!

Here is what our journey together in this Spanish immersion course will look like.

All the activities and experiences will be supported by complementary challenges and adventures organized in a customized virtual learning environment.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Hourly Intensity:

110 hours

  • 55 hours of direct teaching.
  • 30 hours of self-directed activities.
  • 18 hours field trip activities.
  • 7 hours tutoring sessions and guided independent work.


This course includes:

  • Spanish-language classes, tutoring sessions and experiences.
  • Accommodation with breakfast included (from July 23 to August 13).
  • Field trips (transportation included).
  • Access to the customized virtual space of the course.
  • Access to the cultural activities proposed by the Programa Parcero (Buddy Program).
  • Access to the cultural and academic activities proposed by Universidad de Antioquia.


This course does not include:

  • Airplane tickets.
  • Lunches and dinners.
  • Daily transportation between the hotel and the university.
  • International medical insurance.
  • Any other item not described in the list above.



1700 US Dollars

Special price: 10% discount, 1530 dollars*

*Students and alumni from partner universities abroad, and groups of 3 to 6 people.

Minimum students expected:

12 students.

The opening of the course depends on the number of students enrolled.

How to enroll?

Follow the link and complete your personal information here: https://bit.ly/UdeASpanishCourseForm

After achieving the minimum student expected, you will receive an email with the approval of your application and a link to make the payment.

Payment options:

You can pay by credit card or PSE through the Universidad de Antioquia’s Portafolio app*.

*Check our refund policy: https://bit.ly/3DYjcI6.

*Please keep in my mind that international wires may incur in non-refundable bank fees. The Universidad de Antioquia will not be responsible for covering the bank fee in the event of a refund.

Registration deadline:

April 30, 2023

Minimum Spanish proficiency requirement:

A2 Spanish-language level completed or B1

Spanish-language level started, at the moment of the beginning of the course.

Further information: cursosinter@udea.edu.co 

🎥 International students at UdeA: https://youtu.be/G-lq8hahS5U



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