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jueves, 23 de mayo 2024
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Faculty of Medicine


Mobility supports

Posted Oct 17, 2019

In this section, you will find information about economic supports (in cash or in kind benefits) that seek to sponsor national and international academic mobility of School of Medicine community. In no case, full cost of mobility is covered.

Mobility Financial Support Fund

Financial Support Fund for Student Mobility of School of Medicine was created by the Dean, in exercise of its legal powers, and the School of Medicine, in accordance with its purpose to promote national and international two way mobility. The Fund was established by means of Deanship Resolution 15117 of March 14, 2014, that was amended by Deanship Resolution 17644 of August 8, 2016. Its purpose is to support resource management for School faculty members, researchers, and students’ mobility.

This application form must be filled in, signed by the applicant, and taken to the Office of Administrative Unit (Block 32, MUA Building, Office 201) along with all required documents. The Office will check that documentation is complete and will response to the request.

Support service for undergraduate students’ international mobility (Directorate of International Relations)

This support service, on the part of Directorate of International Relations, has as sole beneficiaries undergraduate students of Universidad de Antioquia. Its purpose is to benefit academic exchanges, short courses, presentations at academic or scientific events, research internships, medical rotations, professional or academic practices, and double degree programs.

To access the support provided by Directorate of International Relations apply for 15 to 45 days before undertaking mobility through the web application for academic mobility (MOVI, by its Spanish acronym).


Directorate of International Relations

Office 706. Outreach Building of Universidad de Antioquia.

Contact number: 219 5210

Vice-Rector of teaching staff

Beneficiaries: faculty members.

It supports teacher training, internships, doctoral thesis defense, and presentations at national and international events such as seminars, congresses and, conferences.

Vice-Rector of Research

Mobility Supports

Beneficiaries: researchers and research managers.

It supports national and international event planning, tickets, and internationalization of research.

Internationalization of Research Fund by Vice-Rector Research and Directorate of International Relations

It establishes institutional conditions to strengthen the capacity to obtain international resources and research projects. The categories of support of the Fund are:

  • International mobility for collaborative project management: support for researchers’ and managers’ participation in working sessions abroad or in foreign researchers’ sessions at the University. These sessions are oriented to explore and negotiate research opportunities offering international funding sources of scientific projects through open or institutional calls.
  • International counterparts: use of counterparts in new resources for research projects effectively financed from international sources.
  • Reception of foreign postdoctoral studies: support to postdoctoral training for foreigners in our university research groups. These studies are provided within the framework of research lines or projects having scientific, technical, and financial capacity for postdoctoral training.

Further information: Vice-Rector of Research Website.

Graduate programs Directorate

Beneficiaries: professors and graduate students.

It supports national and international activities relating to tickets and maintenance.

Administrative Vice-Rector (Miles Fund)

Beneficiaries: undergraduate students, faculty members and administrative staff.

It supports internships, academic activities, and research.

Administrative Vice-Rector has a Miles Fund that grants a round-trip air ticket by using miles. Airport fees and additional charges of the ticket purchase will be paid by users. For travel applications to Europe, the Miles Fund only provides tickets to one of the following cities: Madrid, Barcelona or London. Additional costs of connecting flight and ticket to destination city must be paid by the beneficiary.

Scholarships and Calls

You can find information about Scholarships and international calls addressed to the university community and the public in general. The purpose is promoting various ways of academic mobility abroad.

There are also articles on world's educational systems as well as a list of institutions constantly offering scholarships.

For further information, visit the web application for academic mobility of Universidad de Antioquia (MOVI, by its Spanish acronym). Click here to obtain an institutional endorsement letter.

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